Below you can find our experiences. The graffiti and culture tour, and the tours to the communties in the jungle are guided by our local expert Tony. Other tours are in cooperation with local entrepeneurs.

Person in front of graffiti piece San Cristobal, Mexico
Graffiti & culture tour

Walk through San Cristóbal and see local street graffiti, visit cultural centers, workshops and craft breweries. The tour includes food and drink tastings, and stories of Mexican culture.

Small dock at lake in Lacandon jungle
Lacandon jungle tour

A unique jungle experience. Stay at a local community, sleep at the ecolodge, and go hiking in the Lacandon jungle.

Trees Lacandon jungle
Bird watching

A unique experience. Stay with a local community in Lacandon, sleep at the ecolodge, and go bird watching in the jungle.

Motorcycle tour starting in San Cristobal Mexico
Motorcycle tours

Different tours by motorcycle. Drive with us to Palenque, Boca del Cielo and more!