Things to do in San Cristóbal

Are you looking for an overview of cultural events, workshops, and experiences in San Cristóbal? Look no further!

Expand your horizon, acquire new skills, and learn about the rich history and traditions of the people in and around San Cristóbal, Chiapas – all through our workshops, experiences and events. Disfrutalo! Enjoy!

Our best selling experiences

We offer different experiences and tours. The graffiti and culture tour, and the tours to the communties in the jungle are guided by our local expert Tony. Others are in cooperation with local entrepeneurs.

Person in front of graffiti piece San Cristobal, Mexico
Graffiti & culture tour San Cristóbal

Walk through San Cristóbal and see local street graffiti, visit cultural centers, and workshops. The tour includes food and drink tastings, and stories of Mexican culture.

Small dock at lake in Lacandon jungle
Lacandon jungle tour

A unique Lacandon jungle experience. Stay at a local community, sleep at the ecolodge, and go hiking in the Lacandon jungle.

Best selling workshops

Our workshops are the perfect place for you to learn more about the rich culture and customs of San Cristóbal, and the wider region of Chiapas! You will use your hands to make chocolate, make a traditional embroidery, or weave part of a traditional belt.

How to make chocolate bar workshop San Cristobal

Make your own chocolate bar

In this workshop you will learn how chocolate is made, and you will make your own bar!

Workshop San Cris where person is learning a traditional belt weaving technique

Traditional belt weaving

Learn to weave a part of a belt, and about the most important aspects of artisan textiles in Chiapas.

Example of embroidery you learn in workshop

Traditional embroidery

Learn about the most important aspects of artisan textiles, and embroidery

Reasons to choose us:

Fantastic local expert

Tony is, besides being an awesome human being and the founder of Cultura Distinta, a very knowledgeable person when it comes to San Cristóbal and Chiapas. He guides the graffiti and culture tour – a great way for you to start exploring San Cris – himself. Don’t take our word for it?! Please read the reviews below 🙂

Local cooperation

We work mainly with local cultural centers, artisans, communities and entrepeneurs. We love to share those places, and work with people who can help you understand San Cris, Chiapas or even Mexico better.


We are not yet another tour agency, driving vans around all day long to all the known landmarks. No, we offer something different and unique, off the beaten track, but a learning experience none the less.

What other people say about us

Anabel KearleyAnabel Kearley
02:00 24 Sep 22
I highly recommend this experience. It's got amazing art, amazing food, and amazing sights. It should be a required first plan during your stay in San Cristóbal! Tony's knowledge of the city's architecture, symbology, history, and art scene is expansive. Beyond that, he's super friendly and clearly dedicated to showcasing the vibrant culture here. Plus, if you like baked goods, he knows where to find the BEST pastries in all of San Cristóbal. You'll have to take the tour to find out where 🙂
Sara Charteris-BlackSara Charteris-Black
03:54 09 May 22
If you're in San Cristobal you must do the graffiti and culture tour! The tour was a lot of fun and we learnt so much about the area. Toni is a genuine and charismatic guide, and seemed to know absolutely everyone we walked past. My only advice would be to avoid doing this tour on your last day, as we were given so many recommendations of new things to see and try in the town that you'll want to stay for longer!
Mahsa HomayounfarMahsa Homayounfar
04:57 05 Apr 22
I run a tour company myself and love quality tours. I did the graffity tour with Toni. The tour is excellent and Toni is an amazing guide. He is genuine, very attentive, passionate and full of ENERGY. He spent 2 more hours with us in a small group and showed us so much of this beautiful city. This tour is great for anybody who likes history, architecture, urban culture, food and much more. It is San Cristobal in a nutshell. Highly recommend it. We tried many delicious things. Did a chocolate tasting. Visited cultural centers, markets, restaurants, churches... We received gifts and spent a beautiful yet informative day together. Thanks a lot Toni for sharing your world with us.
Jackie OrnerJackie Orner
21:34 21 Feb 22
Best tour in SC. Toni goes the extra mile and caters the tour to whatever interests you - history, food, art, local culture, everything. You really get a good feel (and taste) of all the cool things the city has to offer. After his tour, I’ve decided to come back to spend more time in the city as there’s soooo much more to explore. Thanks for everything Toni!
Conny LemanConny Leman
00:51 10 Feb 22
If you are in SC and you want to do a tour, then make sure you take this one. I had an amazing tour when Toni. Although I am already quite a few days in town, he still surprised me with new information and new places. Nothing is too much trouble. You can choose your own focus; history, the family life, architecture, food, graffiti, ... You name it, it is possible. He stopped at places you would walk by on your own, gives recommendations and here and there you do soms tasting. Absolutely loved every bit of it.
Rebecca TatlowRebecca Tatlow
23:36 31 Jan 22
We took the Graffiti & culture tour with Toni and it was a fantastic experience. He has so much positive energy and nothing is too much trouble. The tour can be adapted to your personal interests too which was great. On one of the stops we visited a chocolate cafe where we learnt about the process of making chocolate, this included free tasters! Toni has a real passion for what he does and is so knowledgeable about the City, history and art. We saw a lot of city we had not seen before and was given lots of recommendations for food/drink. One of the best days we had in SCB. If you're in San Cristobal a tour with Toni is a must.
Stine Boe GadStine Boe Gad
19:36 06 Jan 22
This tour was amazing! Definitely the best money we have spend while being in Mexico! The tour was informative, funny and well planned! We saw a lot of the city that we hadn’t seen on our own. We would for sure recommend everyone to do this!
It was a wonderful experience, I really loved the tour, he explains you and takes you to a lot of different places from san Cristobal. You learn about a little bit of history and also the now a days conditions of the city. I really recommend it.