Mezcal and Hiking tour Oaxaca

7 Hours

Trek through agave fields, learn artisanal production methods, and indulge in a family-made lunch and tasting. Immerse yourself in the rich culture of Mezcal with our Mezcal and Hiking tour Oaxaca. Discover the Mezcal Legacy of Santiago de Matatlan!

Trip facts

  • Teatro Macedonio Alcalaasas
  • English
  • Guided
  • The hike is 1.5, hours, but the tour last for 6-7 hours (2/2.5 hours are spend in transport)
  • Santiago de Matatlan
  • Local vans


We start our tour at 9. A.M from Theather Macedonio Alcala, and take a van to the town of Santiago de Matatlan, know as the birth crib of Mezcal.  We visit a family that has been producing Mezcal for 5 generations.  We hike 1.5 hour, trhough wild fields of agave, before coming back to the family farm and learn about how mezcal is produced. The factory is mainly family operated, run in a sustainable way and the Mezcal the produce is and Artesanal.

We eat lunch made by the family, and after the meal we finish the tour with at mezcal tasting of the agaves grown right there, before travellingback to Oaxaca city. We will be back around 3 P.M

Trip highlights

  • Delicious artesanal Mezcal
  • Hiking through agave fields with amazming views
  • Lunch prepared by Mezcal teacher "Simona"
  • If available you can taste cooked agave pineapple
  • Visit a locally owned Mezcal factory

What is included in the tour?


  • Local transport - Round transportación
  • Lunch - Meet and vegetarian option
  • Mezcal tasting


  • Extra mezcal tastings
  • Tips for guide


Hat or cap

Long pants

Bottle of water


Hiking or walking shoes


How long does the tour take?

The tour takes 6 to 7 hours

Is there a minimum amount of people for the tour to happen?

There need to be a minimum of two people

Is the tour cancelled if there is bad weather?

No, usually it doesn’t rain for long amount of time. In case it is bad, we will find a place to hide from it. If it is rainy season, bring an umbrella 🙂

Is it a dificult hike ?

It’s a médium dificulty. The hike itself is throught some hills and with wild grass all around.

Do you offer a vegetarian opction for lunch?

Yes, there is a vegetarian option available.

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Mezcal and Hiking tour Oaxaca
From $1150
/ Adult
From $750
/ Child