Oaxaca Art Walk Tour

2 Hours

Immerse yourself culturally in our Oaxaca Art Walk tour. Meet local artists, explore galleries, and uncover urban art in the colorful Jalatlaco neighbourhood. Experience Mexico’s vibrant culture firsthand.

Trip facts

  • Teatro Macedonio Alcalaasas
  • English & Spanish
  • 2-2.5 hours
  • 250 pesos + tips if you liked the tour :)


We visit 3 – 4 art galleries where we will have a chance to meet some of the local artist of Oaxaca. You will learn about some of the main art techniques used in the city to help make it so colourful. We will pass throught the neiborhood of Jalatlaco, one of the most colourful, artistic and ‘Magic’ neighbourhoods of Mexico.

In Jalatlaco you will see a lot of street-style art of Oaxacan and Mexican culture. You will learn about the meaning behind the urban art, and hear stories of the local people. Join us and learn more about one of the most interesting and artistic neighbourhoods of Oaxaca.

Trip highlights

  • Community Workshop center
  • Neighbourhood of Jalatlaco
  • Art Galleries

Bring an umbrella if it rains


Comfortable shoes to walk with



How long does the tour take?

Depending on the group, the tour can take anytime between 2-2.5 hours.


Is there a minimum amount of people for the tour to happen?

There need to be a minimum of two people

Is the tour cancelled if there is bad weather?

No, usually it doesn’t rain for long amount of time. In case it is bad, we will find a place to hide from it. If it is rainy season, bring an umbrella 🙂

Is the city of Oaxaca good for walking?

Yes, it is pretty easy to walk in the city. There are good-sized streets and nature on every block. We don’t have to rush either.

Is it safe to walk at night in Oaxaca City

Yes, it is safe to walk in Oaxaca at night, as long as you are near historic center.

Where do we finish the tour ?

 We finish the tour near the neigbourhood of Jalatlaco. 

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Oaxaca Art Walk Tour
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/ Adult
From $250
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