Traditional embroidery workshop
  • Language: Spanish
  • Time: 4-10 hours
  • Price: 650MXN – 1200MXN

The objective of the workshop is to broaden the knowledge and importance of the textile heritage to increase the value of artisan work in Chiapas. You will learn about the most important aspects of artisan textiles in the region, and make an embroidery.

We will begin with explaining some of the most important aspects of artisan textiles in the region covering topics such as:

  • The meaning of iconography
  • The use of fibers, tools and dyes 
  • Techniques of elaboration of handmade garments 

After this we to continue with the traditional embroidery workshop where we will teach you:

  • Basic techniques
  • Characteristic figures of the Tsotsiles.

Workshops are held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 11 a.m and 2 p.m.

Background project:

The ‘Los Altos’ region in Chiapas is characterized by its multiculturalism. The region has many Mayan families mainly speaking Tsotsil and Tseltal , and we strive to keep the heritage of embroidery in our garments alive. For hundreds of years these embroidering techniques have been a symbol of resistance to modern manufacturing practices.

Traditional embroidery
Example of embroidery you learn in workshop
Traditional embroidery workshop San Cris