The archaeology of cacao
  • Language: Spanish, English & French
  • Time: 2.5 hours
  • Price: 1000 MXN (10% discount when you are at least 4 people)

In this workshop you will learn more about the rich archaeology of cacoa, a plant that for millennia has been highly respected, cultivated and consumed by indigenous peoples.

You will learn about the origins and use of cacao:

  • in Mesoamerica (the Olmecs)
  • in Classic Mayan art (250-900 AD)
  • in Mayan hieroglyphic writing
  • in Mesoamerican femininity

From an alternative archaeological perspective, you will learn about the origins and uses of cocoa in Mesoamerica, among cultures as old as the Olmecs (1200-400 BC). Centrally we will see how cocoa was a vital plant in the Mayan culture; sacred food of the ceremonies, closely linked to spirituality and feminine energy. Represented in art, ceramics and in the fascinating Mayan hieroglyphs.

The workshop includes:

  • Tasting of Mexican cocoa of unique origins
  • Tasting chocolates of Mexican origin
  • Didactic material
cacao lecture
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archaeology cacao