Our workshops are the perfect place for you to learn more about the rich culture and customs of San Cristóbal, and the wider region of Chiapas! You will use your hands to make chocolate, make a traditional embroidery, or weave part of a traditional belt.

How to make chocolate bar workshop San Cristobal

Make your own chocolate bar

In this workshop you will learn how chocolate is made, and you will make your own bar!


Intro archaeology of cacao

Want to know more about the rich archaeology of cocoa? Then this workshop is for you!

Chocolate workshop San Cris 12 scaled

Cacao and chocolate eval

Learn more about the qualities of cacao and how to evaluate these in this theoretical worshop.

How to make chocolate bar workshop San Cristobal

Short cacao and chocolate tasting experience

Try chocolate and honey samples, and learn about the benefits of Mexican chocolate.

Example of embroidery you learn in workshop

Traditional embroidery

Learn more about the most important aspects of artisan textiles in Chiapas, and basic techniques and characteristic Tsotsil figures.

Jewelry making 4

Jewelry making

Learn how to make wired-like jewelry with a nice stone.