Motorcycle Tours – Tonina

8 Hours

One of the most challenging and thrilling rides. Perfect for any true adventure seeker.

  • 8 hours
  • 300
  • Paved and unpaved
  • 18


This journey is for the truly adventurous, who are looking for a real challenge! This is one of the most challenging and thrilling rides we offer.

We will ride through the most mountainous and beautiful part of the Altos, passing through small pueblos on dirt roads, cross the small cities of Tenejapa and Ocosingo before arriving at the rarely visited, but incredible ruins of Tonina. This is the tallest structures of the Mayan World, and very impressive. At 74 metres (243 ft) in height, it is taller than the pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan


  • Site of Tonina
  • Technical ride


Day 1 :

This one day trip takes us from San Cristóbal via Tenejapa and Ocosingo to the ruins of Tonina. This is a very technical ride, only for experienced drivers.

Day 2 :
Day 3 :

We will return via the mountains and the forest, traveling some dirt roads. We will make a stop at Agua Azul – a landmark waterfall, before heading back to San Cristóbal.

  • Enough suitable clothes so that you can adapt to the weather. The weather can change quickly, and temperatures can be both hot and cold, dry and wet on our trip
  • Close toed shoes

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Motorcycle Tours – Tonina
From $2500
/ Adult